Bhiwadi Plant
All Plants are CQI-9 Compliant
Capacity (In Kg)
No. of Units
Sealed Quench Furnace
1200 ; 1500
1 ; 4
Gas nitriding Furnace
Shot Blasting
Plant information
Strategically located near the NCR region's bustling auto hub, our plant in Bhiwadi is a premiere destination for state-of-the-art heat treatment services. This advanced facility is equipped with the finest furnaces from Aichelin-Unitherm, ensuring top-notch performance and precision with every heat treatment process.
The facilities in Bhiwadi are specialized for heat treatment services. With a deep understanding of the automotive industry's unique demands, we consistently exceed expectations.
Sealed Quench Furnaces
From carburizing to hardening and beyond, our sealed quench furnaces are designed to cater to a wide range of heat treatment processes with precision.
Gas Nitriding Furnaces - With Post Oxidation Facility
These advanced heat treatment systems combine the benefits of gas nitriding with a post-oxidation process for superior wear resistance, surface hardness, and fatigue life.
Shot Blasting
Shot Blasting involves propelling high-speed abrasive particles onto the surface, effectively removing rust, scale, paint, and other contaminants, to prepare it for further applications.