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The Ultimate Surface Hardening Process for Low Carbon Steels!
Carburizing is a highly effective case hardening technique that infuses carbon into solid ferrous alloys to significantly boost its surface hardness. We carefully heat metal parts in a carbon-rich atmosphere, above the transformation temperature, for a predetermined time. This critical step ensures that the carbon thoroughly permeates the metal, creating a robust carburizing layer on the surface.
Additionally, to achieve the ultimate hardness, the carburized components undergo a quenching process, further reinforcing the surface layer and solidifying its strength. We guarantee case depths ranging from 0.3 mm to 3 mm!
Steel Grades
20MnCr5, 16MnCr5, SAE 8620 H, SAE 8625 H, EN 353, 25CrMo4 SCM 420, SCM 415 etc…
Transmission components
First, second & third stage gear
Input shaft
Output shaft
Balance Idler
Sprag Clutch
Gear Oil Pump Drive
CV Cage
Differential Spider
Engine Components
Crank Pin
Piston rockshaft
Engine Components
Inner ring
Needle roller bearing
Outer ring
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